About Me

My name is Ernesto Acosta (a.k.a "elav" or "elavdeveloper"). I was born in Cuba, 1987. I graduated from Computer Science in Havana, Cuba in 2006.

Since then, I have been creating various spaces on the Internet to share information. Founder of DesdeLinux.net, one of the most popular FLOSS blogs in Spanish.

After leaving the project I founded SystemInside.net, a blog about technology, and a YouTube channel with the same name. I founded TuPodcast.com in 2016, an amateur podcasting network, and I am a co-founder of projects such as CubaPod.net, the directory of Cuban Podcasts and Ofendiditos.club, a micro social network.

The social networks that I use are Twitter, VERO, Discord, Instragram and Facebook.